‘Was Really Dyslexic There’: Jim Nantz’s Massive Nelly Korda Blunder Infuriates Fans at RBC Heritage

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For a moment, people who had tuned in to watch the RBC Heritage would probably have believed that an entirely new face had won on the LPGA Tour. A minor mishap, maybe a hilarious one, could have been the culprit behind the confusion. What happened was before the fourth round of RBC Heritage was cut short, Nelly Korda had already won her 13th LPGA Tour event.

As the camera panned to show Scottie Scheffler walking towards the 12th hole, the sports commentator, Jim Nantz, announced that Korda had won the Chevron Championship and congratulated her for her fifth consecutive win on the women’s circuit. However, what he exactly said was, “Kelly Norda already won her fifth [event] in a row.” Yes, Kelly Norda! Maybe Nantz was in a hurry and ended up exchanging the initial letters of Korda’s name, making a new LPGA Tour pro altogether.

It might have been just a slip of the tongue on Natz’s part, but the golf world did not let the little goof-up slide. Rob Miller of Golf WRX posted the Nantz clip on X (formerly Twitter). Making fun of the situation, he sarcastically said, “Let me be the first to congratulate Kelly Norda.” The snippet quickly took over the FYPs of the golf fans.

The online community was also a bit taken aback and was truly upset by Nantz’s actions. Many questioned why the mistake was made in the first place, given that Korda is a household name in golf, and took the whole incident as a disrespect to Nelly Korda.

Netizens react to Jim Nantz’s incorrect Nelly Korda pronunciation
The incident happened so fast that at first, many might have thought they made a mistake while listening to the commentator’s announcement, as they might not have paid attention while the sentence was uttered. One user took the time to go back to the recording and listen to the audio again; they further took a rather sarcastic take and replicated the same mistake Nantz made and commented, “I had to rewind to make sure that’s what I heard. Love Nancy James, but come on.”

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