Spieth, America’s Favorite Son, Expresses Concerns About the Ryder Cup Curse

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The 2023 Ryder Cup is just days away, and the excitement, as always, has the golf community buzzing with energy. Every year, the event attracts the most ardent golf fans, and with Team America holding its ground in Europe this time, there is a lot of excitement for the Friday games. European fans have been vocal in their support for their favorite players during the event’s preseason, and Team America playing on European soil this year means a lot of negativity is directed at the team in the face of competition.

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Among those who have witnessed this dark side of golf firsthand is Jordan Speith, who was recently under the belt of the same negative lash-out from hostile European fans. And how is the PGA Tour star taking it? Well, as per his recent confession, it “doesn’t really matter“!

On Tuesday, during the press conference prior to the Ryder Cup at Marco Simone, Jordan Spieth was asked about his mention of the uniqueness of the negativity being directed at him in this event, as opposed to a normal golf tournament, and whether he just blocks out that energy, or does he try and convert that into some sort of “I’ll show you” type of motivation?

Responding to this, the 30-year-old pro answered that he doesn’t try to do either. He added, “I was almost making it a joke,” he stated, talking about how he had minutes ago expressed the uniqueness of the crowds at the course rooting against them. “We haven’t won the Ryder Cup over here, but most of the guys weren’t born yet, so that doesn’t really matter to us.”

Spieth further added that he understood the European crowd as well and that they meant no real harm. “They are rooting for the other team, and when you miss, it’s a cheer for the other team winning the hole. No one is pointing at you and saying, aha,” he stated, completely understanding of the European fans’ side of things. “I’m essentially saying it’s respectful, great crowds, but they are hoping, for the most part, Europe wins.”

After competing in the BMW Championship and the Tour Championship a few weeks ago, Spieth and his team have been hard at work on the greens. As the team prepares for their upcoming feat, fans expect and hope for a great play from America to claim the trophy on European grounds after three decades, and the 3-time major winner himself is looking to help with that after his wildcard selection for the event!

Captain Zach Johnson chose Spieth as a wildcard for the Ryder Cup team this year. Several questions were raised about Speith’s inclusion on the team, as Captain Johnson stated in an interview that “given pieces of information Speith has let me in on, I think my confidence was pretty high.”

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At the current press conference, Spieth was asked about his position on the team. He responded by saying that he wouldn’t have been there if things hadn’t gone well, adding, “But not as far as timing.”

The golf world is waiting for this weekend’s matchplay to begin and to see what skills Jordan Spieth and the rest of the Americans can pull off. As the hype continues, let us know which team you’re rooting for in the comments!

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