Next up in golf: Scheffler is doing things golf fans have not seen since Woods accomplished them nearly 20 years ago.

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Tiger Woods joined NBC’s Today Show Wednesday morning. He sat with Carson Daly for 10 minutes and tackled a number of topics. They divulged their relationship as young golfers playing together in Southern California, Woods explained why he wears red and detailed the different relationships he has with each of his children.

But Daly kicked things off asking about the current history being made in professional golf.

Scottie Scheffler and Nelly Korda have combined to win nine of their last 10 starts, making their own marks in history in the process.

Woods was asked his thoughts on what Scheffler is accomplishing.

“For Scottie, his iconic foot movement belies what the club is actually doing through the golf ball,” Woods said.

Of course, he is referencing the viral videos of Scheffler’s feet sliding all over the place through impact. Yet, somehow he is the best ball striker on the planet and it is not even close.

“You just sit back and watch ball flight, there is something different about his. It’s just so consistent and he works it both ways.

“It’s just a matter if he putts decent, he is going to win. If he putts great, he is blowing away fields. If he has a bad putting week, he contends.

“He’s just that good a ball striker,” said Woods.

As simple as it sounds, Tiger is spot on.

Think back to 2023. Golf fans were wondering as Scheffler’s putting woes continued, ‘imagine if Scottie could putt.’

We are all finding out now what happens when he is strong on the greens. As Woods said, when he putts well, the tournament is over before it even starts. Even if Scheffler putts just decently, he is still winning tournaments.

We have not seen this level of domination on the PGA Tour since prime Tiger Woods nearly 20 years ago. The numbers back that up, too.

Scheffler has the best strokes gained tee-to-green numbers since Woods.

Scheffler has won four of his last five starts. The last player to do that was Tiger in the 2004-2005 season.

Of course, Woods went on to win three more, making it seven of eight. But that is why he is widely regarded as one of the two greatest golfers to ever live.

Scheffler has a long way to go to earn any type of distinction like that. But if he continues this torrid pace, he is sure to climb the ranks historically.

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