New Threat to Golf Barbie: Hailey Ostrom’s Last-Minute Move as Spiranac Fades

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The Barbie movie might be out of theaters, but the Barbie fever is still at its peak amongst fans! Pink seems to be the color of the season, and every girl is embracing her feminine side with the color palette. And of course, celebrities and influencers like Paige Spiranac are among them.

It’s been weeks since Paige Spiranac did her bit in the pink trend; however, her arch Hailey Ostrom seems to have only now jumped onto the bandwagon. Although a little late to the party, the 23-year-old has made up for it with some phenomenal ‘barbie’ updates for her 636K followers. The pink fever may have set in on her late, but it is certainly running in high degrees!

About a month ago, the queen of golf, Paige Spiranac, hopped on the Barbie trend, wearing all pink and launching her pink club line. Now, Ostrom seems to have followed suit and is giving the golf beauty a run for her money.

Although Ostrom joined the Barbie trend gang a little late, he has done so with a blast! She posted pictures of herself on her Instagram story dressed like a Barbie doll, wearing a white mini dress with a plunge neckline.

The golfer stood and posed inside a Mattel Barbie box and captioned it, “The best weekend starts today.” Her Barbie craze did not end here. She also posted a picture wearing pink furry Barbie heels and a drink with a rather unique straw that spelled out ‘bride’.

It seems like, thanks to a bachelorette party of sorts, Ostrom was able to follow in Spiranac’s footsteps, even though they were a month apart. The two’s celebration of the pink trend was quite different too, with the ex-pro golfer’s being a lot more about the beloved sport!

How did Paige Spiranac celebrate the pink fad?
Social media star and golfer Paige Spiranac has joined the Barbie trend with a special twist. Taking to Instagram, she revealed a personalized set of golf clubs called the Paige Signature Pink Series that aligns with her love for the color pink, which is also associated with Barbie!

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Dressed up as real-life Barbie donning pink matching the clubs, Golf Mommy emphasized that the shafts were designed for both male and female golfers and that they had in fact improved even her own performance.

Spiranac’s move reflected her innovative approach to blending her personal brand with popular trends as per the demands of Gen Z. And boy did she do it in style!

Whose Barbie trend did you like better, the golf beauty’s or her rival’s? Let us know in the comment section below.

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