‘Flawed,’ ‘heartless’: A look back at Tiger Woods’ dating history

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Tiger Woods’ ex-girlfriend continues her lengthy legal battle against golfer
Tiger Woods makes decision on British Open

“We can both sit in silence for 30 minutes courtesy of Tiger Woods,” Uchitel exclusively told The Post.

After all, the pair both signed nondisclosure agreements with the golf great — Uchitel in 2009 and Herman in 2017.

That document is now a legal bone of contention for Herman, who yesterday set off a firestorm when her lawyers sought to get hers tossed, citing a law that allows such NDAs to be voided if there’s proof of sexual assault or harassment.

“I think everyone wants to know who she is, right? Listen, I think it’s very interesting what’s going on. I’m curious as to why she’s doing this publicly. I have a lot of questions for her,” said Uchitel, adding that Herman is “up against Goliath.”

Sam Woods, Erica Herman, Tiger Woods
It’s recently been revealed that Tiger Woods and girlfriend Erica Herman (center, with his daughter, Sam, at left) had broken up — and are locked in a nasty battle.

Not that anyone knew Woods’ and Herman’s nearly six-year relationship had even ended until the documents revealed a nasty battle has been brewing since October 2022.

Herman, who met the notoriously private athlete while working at his Jupiter, Florida, restaurant, alleged in her lawsuit that her former beau booted her from his home using “trickery.”

She claimed people working for him convinced her “to pack a suitcase for a short vacation, and when she arrived at the airport, they told her she had been locked out of her residence, in violation of the oral tenancy agreement and in violation of Florida law,” according to the lawsuit.

Herman is now seeking to get her NDA — signed when she first started dating Woods — made null.

Herman alleged that Woods and his staff used “trickery” to get her out of the home she shared with the golfer — and lock her out for good.
Herman also alleged, according to the suit, that staff removed her personal things and took $40,000 in cash that belonged to her.

Said Curt Sampson, author of two books on Tiger Woods: “He probably said to [people who work for him], ‘Hey, I’ve got this problem, will you take care of it?’ So perfunctory, and heartless to me.”

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