Bjorn Borg gains huge popularity as women were screaming in the crowd when he storms…

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Former Britain tennis player John Lloyd recalled one of the incidents which led to unimaginable fame for Sweden’s Bjorn Borg.



The 67-year-old is often described as one of the greatest men’s singles tennis players in the history of the Open era.



Lloyd, who is also the ex-husband of the former world number one Chris Evert, revealed an interesting incident which led to the rise in Borg’s popularity.



“In those days obviously there was no internet, no cell phones, no nothing like that and he created a storm one year at Wimbledon,” he said. “I still don’t to this day, don’t really know how he did it because there was no social media to publicise what he was I .


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“All of a sudden he had these women screaming in the crowd, these young women they called him ‘Teeny Bopper.’ It sort of grew the first day they were I don’t know fifty that were all screaming from different sorts of the call on Court No. 2 and then the next day he played and it grew to 200 and 300.



“Next minute they had police guards escorts which in those days it never happened now of course it does. He became a sensation and he was like the tennis players’ ‘Beatle,’” Lloyd stated.”



Borg ended up winning as many as 15 Grand Slam titles in his illustrious career which lasted for more than two decades.

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