Aftermath of Ryder Cup and Solheim Cup Drama

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2023 has been quite an exciting year for golf. Along with the regular tournaments being played on both the LPGA Tour and PGA Tour, there were also the Solheim Cup and Ryder Cup this year. These two events are two of the most glorious and groundbreaking events in the sport, and every two years, the entire fraternity looks forward to these two tournaments very eagerly. Fans and experts had a lot of expectations from these two events, and let us say that the expectations did not fall short!

Usually, it is perceived that women are more dramatic, and emotional than men, but there are a few instances, all around that prove these are nothing but just mere stereotypes! This year in the golf has been a testament to this wrongly held notion! How, you may wonder? Well, the scenes from Solheim Cup, and Ryder Cup told the story in their own different yet ‘controversial’ way!

Since the start of time, there have been some stereotypes laid out in society, and the most common one that has been prevalent is against women; Women are more dramatic than men, and are drama queens! But in times like these, are they? Well, what we gather from how things went down at Finca Coresin in Spain, and Marco Simone in Rome, the only correct answer is NO.

Along with some historic moments in both the biennial tournaments, there were plenty of controversies too, more in Ryder Cup than Solheim Cup. Not just during the playing 72 hours, but even before the tournament began, Ryder Cup authorities made their pre-tournament festivities a big deal as compared to Solheim’s.

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